Water conservation ppt

Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage. According to Fresh Water Watchwater conservation is important because fresh clean water is a limited resource, as well as a costly one. Conservation of this natural resource is critical for the environment — and our wallets.

Water conservation is more important than ever, and the world is looking for tips on saving water. The great news is that with just a few simple changes, you can reduce your water footprint. And Constellation is here to help! The majority of household water use comes from toilets, washing machines, showers, baths, faucets and leaks, but what you can do to save water is fairly simple.

These 10 water-saving tips will put you on the path to conserving water in your household. When running your dishwasher or washing machine, make sure you fully load each cycle. Running full cycles helps conserve water because these appliances will fill to a certain level and having more dishes or clothes reduces the amount of water needed for each cycle. This ensures that you get the most energy-saving and water-saving use from each run of your appliances.

One of the best water conservation tips out there, with possibly the largest impact, is a simple one: Take showers instead of baths.

water conservation ppt

Baths may be relaxing and enjoyable, but it takes more than 78 gallons of water to fill a tub. Showers are a more water efficient way to bathe. Here are more tips on saving water from taking a shower:.

Check out these up-to-date and helpful resources on water conservation tips:. Contact Us Log In. Search Close. What Is Water Conservation? What Is a Smart Home? See What We Offer. How Can We Help You? How to save water: 10 tips for saving water around the home The majority of household water use comes from toilets, washing machines, showers, baths, faucets and leaks, but what you can do to save water is fairly simple.

You flush an average of 20 gallons of water a day down the toilet.

water conservation ppt

Use the right amount of water for each load of laundry. Typically percent of indoor home water use comes from doing laundry. Save water by making sure to adjust the settings on your machine to the proper load size. Pick your washing machine wisely. When considering top-load vs. Water plants wisely.

Water your lawn or garden early in the morning or late in the evening, so the water lasts and is not immediately evaporated by the hot sun. Install a low-flow showerhead. With a low-flow showerheadyou can save 15 gallons of water during a minute shower. Check for and repair leaks.

Water Conservation Presentation

An average of 10, gallons of water is wasted every year due to household leaks. One of the most effective ways to cut your water footprint is to repair leaky faucets and toilets.Target audience is elementary school children and above. Educate for the Earth was an student run organization to help educate children about their environment and encourage sustainability and stewardship of the Earth. Water comes in 3 forms ice, water the type that we usually see in oceans and lakesand vapor form of water in the air — all have a clear color.

Some of these are: oceans, rivers, lakes, atmosphere, underground wells, and glaciers in places like the Antarctica. We need water to live and stay healthy since a large percent of us is water. Like us plants and animals also need water to survive. These include all living things both on land and underwater and of course water is obviously important to sea life like coral reefs, fish and sea plants.

What is water conservation? It means to save and recycle our water so we use as least water possible. Through water conservation and water recycling, we can meet environmental needs and still have sustainable development and a viable economy.

Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as farming, business, and home processes as well as refilling a ground water supplies water recharge. A common type of recycled water is water that has been reclaimed from city wastewater, or sewage. Through the natural water cycle, the earth has recycled and reused water for millions of years. Water recycling, though, generally refers to projects that use technology to speed up these natural processes.

There are numerous water recycling projects to increase the quality of water that is recycled because the usual quality now is non-drinkable, but still useful for farming and industries. By providing an additional source of water, water recycling can help us find ways to decrease water taken from sensitive ecosystems. Other benefits include decreasing wastewater discharges and reducing and preventing pollution.

Recycled water can also be used to create or enhance wetlands and habitats. In some cases, the reasons for water recycling comes not from a water supply need, but from a need to eliminate or decrease wastewater discharge to the ocean, an estuary, or a stream. While water recycling is a sustainable approach and can be cost-effective in the long term, the treatment of wastewater for reuse and the installation of distribution systems can be initially expensive compared to such water supply alternatives as imported water or ground water.

As water demands and environmental needs grow, water recycling will play a greater role in our overall water supply. By working together to overcome problems, water recycling, along with water conservation, can help us to conserve and manage our vital water resources to last into the future.

Through this effort, Environmental Protection Agency challenges people in the community to join them and others who are working to protect and restore our valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, ground water, and estuaries. Adopt a Watershed. Water Kids Stuff. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Close Menu Home. Communications and Marketing Services.The Texas population is expected to nearly double by 1.

The only way to prepare for tomorrow is to conserve today. Making efficient use of our existing water supplies is the most economical and environmentally-sound way to provide water for Texas today and tomorrow. We do this by:. Support Our Work. Managing and protecting our water resources is one of the most critical issues facing Texas today. In many river systems, the state has issued more water rights than would be available during dry years, meaning rivers could be pumped dry, while many aquifers are being pumped faster than rainfall can replenish them.

Given this emerging reality, Texas must manage its limited water supplies as efficiently as possible. Using water wisely is the most economical and environmentally sound way to ensure water is available to meet all critical water needs — including water to support healthy Texas rivers and bays. Cities across the country have shown that water conservation is a cost-efficient way to meet increased water demands.

Conserving waters reduces costs and postpones — or even eliminates — the need for expensive and environmentally-damaging water supply projects. These real-life examples demonstrate the potential savings:.

Read more about San Antonio and water conservation. You can conserve water from home every day.

water conservation ppt

Want to make your water conservation promise official? Pledge to conserve water for Galveston Bay by clicking here. Take Action. InTexas voters overwhelming approved Proposition 6. This fund is used to provide low-interest loans to public entities for water supply projects in the state water plan. When Texas legislators proposed Prop.Water Conservation Ppt water conservation Water conservation refers to reducing the usage of water and recycling of waste water for different purposes such as cleaning, manufacturing, and agricultural irrigation.

An abbreviation for parts per thousand and a measurement of salinity. For example, the open ocean is 35 parts per thousand ppt. This means that if you had 1, buckets of sea water, and could put the salt and water in separate buckets, 35 of the buckets would be filled with nothing but salt. As drought, pollution, and sprawl make water increasingly scarce, here is the first comprehensive and authoritative handbook on water use and efficiency measures for all who are concerned about efficient water use.

Now in its second printing, the book provides estimated water savings and related benefits including energy savings and costs for the measures and offers many case studies. The book includes over fact-filled tables, charts and photos, as well as eight appendices, a full glossary and an index. The Water Conservation Garden has nearly five acres of displays that showcase water conservation through a series of beautiful themed gardens, such as a native plant garden and a vegetable garden, as well as how-to displays such as mulch and irrigation exhibits.

Admission is free, and the Garden can be viewed on a self-guided tour, or through one of our programs.

Save water indoors with this useful kit of conservation tools. Help detect leaks and find out how to save. Indoor water conservation kit with best products on the market: 2. Item Descriptions: 2. Low Flow, Choose from gentle rain, combo and massage settings, pressure compensating. Bathroom Faucet Aerator Neoperl 1. Best quality and performance at a lower cost. Aerated stream produces a larger and whiter stream that is soft to the touch and non-splashing.

Pressure compensating for a consistently even flow. Toilet Displacement Bag FlushLess heavy gauge water saving displacement bag. Toilet Flapper The original Frugal Flush early closing flapper. Shower Timer Shorter Shower sand timer helps you beat the clock and save!

Simply turn the timer on its suction cup backing to know when five minutes are up. Leak Detecting Dye Tablets Save money and save water by detecting silent leaks with our package of 2 dye tablets. Simply drop tablet in tank and know in a few moments if a repair needs to be made. Test your shower heads and sinks for flow efficiency. Share this: Twitter Facebook. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Copy embed code:.

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Wastage of Water: Wastage of Water Wasting water has become a significant environmental problem, both at consumer and industrial levels.

Hence, it has become important for individuals and businesses alike to find out ways to reduce the wastage of water and conserve it. What is water conservation? Water conservation simply refers to reducing the usage of water and recycling waste water for different purposes, such as cleaning, manufacturing and agricultural irrigation. This method definitely accounts as the most efficient and cost effective way to control the use of water Ways to conserve: Ways to conserve At Home: At Home Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you'll save up to gallons per month.

Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your bill and water meter are tools that can help you discover leaks. Grab a wrench and fix that leaky faucet. It's simple, inexpensive, and you can save gallons a week.

WATER CONSERVATION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Slide 8: Teach children to turn off faucets tightly after each use Turn off the water while brushing your teeth! This will, on the average, save 3 gallons of water for each time you brush.

In the Outdoors: In the Outdoors Use a bucket of water to clean your car instead of a hose Sweep sidewalks, driveways and patios instead of hosing.

Clean gutters and downspouts manually, without using a hose. Cultivate the soil regularly so water can penetrate and develop a good root system. In Industries: In Industries Food Processors Food processing companies typically use water for washing and sanitation, cooling and heating, processing food products and other functions. Typically, the opportunities for water conservation include: — Reusing water in another Process i.

Typically the largest of water use occurs in guest rooms. Thereforemany of the water conservation approaches that have been successfully used to reduce water among residential customers such as installation of ultra-low-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and faucet aerators a re recommended for hotels and motels. Why Conserve Water? Water is essential to life on earth. We need water to grow food, keep clean, provide power, control fire, and last but not least, we need it to stay alive!

Follow us on:. Go to Application. US Go Premium. PowerPoint Templates. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Post to :. URL :. Related Presentations :. Add to Channel. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites.The mission of the water conservation staff is to provide leadership, planning, education, information, technical assistance, and agricultural financial assistance for water conservation in Texas. In Water for Texas: State Water Plan water conservation strategies for the year are projected to provide 2, acre-feet to help meet the projected needs for additional water supplies.

This volume of water conservation represents Irrigation conservation accounts for Reuse strategies add an additional We take pride in providing services that help Texans establish effective water conservation programs by implementing best management practices. Our staff supports the Water Conservation Advisory Council in their mission to establish a professional forum for the continuing development of water conservation resources.

Through our agricultural conservation programs we provide grantscooperate in voluntary irrigation metering programsand collect data for annual irrigation water use estimates. We assist with required municipal water conservation plans and water loss audits, collect data for required plans, water loss auditsand annual reportsand provide resources for industrial, commercial, institutional water conservation programs.

A guidance and methodology report is available for assisting in the preparation of water use reports, water conservation plans, and reports on water conservation efforts. We also have ongoing programs for conservation education and public outreach to promote water conservation and develop water resource educational programs. Flood What to Do? What to Do? Before, During, and After a Flood What is a flood? Workshops Workshops. Water Conservation The mission of the water conservation staff is to provide leadership, planning, education, information, technical assistance, and agricultural financial assistance for water conservation in Texas.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Description: We can conserve water by Rain Water Harvesting. Tags: conservation water harvesting rain water. Latest Highest Rated. Only 3 is fresh water and Nearly 80 of what is fresh, is frozen in the polar ice caps and glaciers around the world.

The earth's crust can be divided into two regions the saturated zone e. Deep aquifers in arid areas have long been water sources for irrigation but with increasing toxins and waste polluting these water supplies, our water resources and Healthy Water are being compromised.

water conservation ppt

We must learn how to conserve water when performing routine household tasks. In the name of religion people throw various kinds of things in water that can be stopped. Mop the houses with the water left after rinsing of cloths. Wash small cloths by hands. Use of washing machines wastes enormous amount of water. This disturbs our water cycle and decreases the water levels underground or in wells.

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What Is Water Conservation?

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