Troy bilt lawn mower backfire

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Troy-bilt Backfire now won't start. Thread starter Air87 Start date Jul 13, Air87 Forum Newbie. Joined Jul 13, Threads 2 Messages 7. I bought it used and had issues with it from the start.

I finally got it working yesterday but when I was finishing my side yard I was going up a hill. It got stuck in a hole so I went to shutoff the engine so I can push it out. When I did it backfired and then the engine cut off. Now I can't turn it on at all. It doesn't even turn over.

I turn the key and nothing. No sound from the engine, no moving, nothing at all. What may be the problem and will I be able to fix it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is some additional information about the engine. Model: Type: E1 Code: ZE not sure about the last two digits they were hard to read. Boobala Lawn Pro. Joined Feb 15, Threads Messages 7, Without being there I can only guess if you have "NOTHING" it sounds like a dead battery,or possibly a a a battery cable came off, also could be a blown fuse.

OK we know it's a Troy-Bilt but giving us the mowers model numbers usually found under the lift-up seat, would be very helpful, see example, yes we see the eng. Boobala said:.Have a question? Just Ask Troy. Simple answers to your questions in the yard. Follow these steps to change the deck belt on your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower in the comfort of your own garage! Having trouble starting your riding mower?

To make sure your grass is cut evenly, it is important that the deck of your riding lawn mower is level. This is how you level the deck on your riding mower. Worn blades can turn your grass brown. Make sure to sharpen or replace them frequently for the best results. Follow these steps to change your blade at home. This video will show you how to use the blade removal tool to remove the cutting blade from your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower.

Get to know the ins-and-outs of your new mower with this video. There are many benefits to mulching your lawn. Using your riding lawn mower and a mulch kit can increase the nutrients that are deposited on your lawn. Follow these simple steps to install a mulch kit on your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower. This is how you remove and replace the air filter of a Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower with a Kohler Engine.

Storing your riding lawn mower properly in the off-season will help you start it up again in the spring. Follow these steps to store your mower over the winter.

Keep your mower in top shape this summer by performing midseason maintenance. Learn more about the simple tasks to help keep your mower running smoothly. Skip to Main Content. Financing Now Available for Online Purchases. Lawn Mowers. All of our mowers are built to make your yardwork easy, efficient and enjoyable. Explore Lawn Mowers. Explore Riding Lawn Mowers. Explore Walk-Behind Mowers.

A few easy steps is all it takes to change the oil in your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower. How to Level the Deck on a Riding Mower. Troy-Bilt Blade Removal Tool.A mower th at backfires is irritating, but thankfully backfiring is not a danger to your engine and lawn mower. So what is a backfire, what causes it, and how can you stop your lawn mower engine from backfiring?

A backfire is a popping noise caused by gasoline igniting outside of the combustion chamber of the engine. A backfire is often caused during rapid deceleration, as the engine tries to bring its timing in line with the lowered throttle. This can often lead to an excess of air in the mix, creating a lean blend. The lean blend is then forced into the exhaust system due to incomplete combustion because of the mistiming, where it spontaneously combusts with the popping sound that is heard.

How do I maintain my leaf blower?

This sounds like a lengthy process, but in fact occurs in a split second due to the precision timing of the engine. There are a number of things you may do while operating your mower that can cause a backfire, and there are way to avoid them. The primary cause of a backfire is decelerating too quickly. The simple fix for this is just to lower the engine speed a bit more gradually. If you have a throttle that you use to reduce speed, gradually let it up instead of letting it rebound quickly.

The second most likely cause is a carburetor that is not adjusted correctly. The carburetor itself could be producing a lean mix, causing backfire during normal operation as well as during deceleration. Sometimes the gasoline itself is the problem.

Mowers are engineered to handle certain blends of gasoline, using the wrong blend can unbalance the system. To fix his, simply change your blend — try to find a no-alcohol blend, or at least a lower alcohol blend if a no-alcohol blend is not available. Another cause of backfires can be the engine running at a hotter temperature than usual, which is simple to fix by increasing airflow over the engine to cool it down, or stopping the engine and let it rest.

troy bilt lawn mower backfire

For a long-term fix, consider modification of the engine housing for less air restriction across the engine. Finally, sometimes backfires simply happen due to the construction of the muffler, and the sensitivity of internal passages. In these cases, short of replacing the muffler, there is no fix. Backfires are not dangerous to people or to the engine, despite the name. You must be logged in to post a comment. What is a backfire? What causes a backfire?Is the small engine on your lawn mower, snow blower or outdoor power equipment making loud noises?

Backfire is a condition described as a loud bang, poof, explosion, etc. Afterfire occurs after the engine has been shut off. Note: Backfire and afterfire through the carburetor will not harm the engine at all! Find out the most common causes and possible fixes for engine backfire and afterfire. Backfire typically occurs when the engine is decelerated rapidly. Common Causes of Backfire:. Common Causes of Afterfire:. Learn how to properly and safely use, troubleshoot, and maintain your lawn mower, tractor, snow blower, and other lawn and garden equipment.

View How-To Articles. Browse Videos. All rights reserved. Innovations Products YOU. Change Region. United States. Latin America. Engine Innovations. Portable Generator. Pressure Washer. Why engines matter. Pressure Washers. Care Products. Snow Blowers. Water Pumps. Related Links. Dealer Locator. Warranty Information. Maintenance How-To. Contact Us. Common Causes of Backfire: Lowering engine speed too fast Gasoline, which contains higher blends of alcohol Carburetor adjustment set too lean Muffler construction can induce backfire Higher than normal engine temperatures Some carburetors can induce backfire due to the sensitivity of internal transitional passages This condition cannot be corrected.

Common Causes of Afterfire: Shutting off the engine at high RPM, causing fuel to pump through the engine for ignition Gasoline that contains alcohol has a tendency to ignite easier, which can cause afterfire Small engine muffler type and manufacture Carburetor adjustment may not be properly set for correct engine performance Anti-afterfire solenoid may not be working properly Possible Fixes for Afterfire: Allow the engine to cool by idling the engine down with proper speed seconds Change to a different non-alcohol or alcohol brand fuel Ensure proper carburetor adjustment for optimal engine performance Contact the equipment manufacturer for updated designs in air control baffling, mufflers, etc.Have a question?

Just Ask Troy. Simple answers to your questions in the yard. Leaf removal can be a hard task. Learn about different methods to make leaf cleanup quicker and easier with these tips from Troy-Bilt. Chipper shredder vacuums are the ideal tool for yard debris cleanup.

Find chipper shredder vacuum and yard debris cleanup tips from Troy-Bilt. In anticipation of colder weather, get your walk-behind lawn mower ready for storage with these maintenance tips. Whether it is a push mower or a self-propelled mower, storing it properly in the off season will help make it easy to start it up in the spring.

Follow these simple off season storage tips. Removing lawn thatch will keep your lawn healthy and attractive. Learn how to dethatch your lawn with these helpful tips from Troy-Bilt.

Learn how to spot and treat common winter lawn issues with these damage control and prevention tips. Keep your lawn looking clean and beautiful throughout the fall season with these leaf removal tips and equipment recommendations from Troy-Bilt.

This handy maintenance schedule is a helpful reminder of what maintenance tasks you need to perform on your Troy-Bilt zero-turn mower. A waterlogged lawn can cause many problems for your grass. Here are a few steps to take to begin the rebuilding process and get your lawn back in shape. Skip to Main Content. Financing Now Available for Online Purchases. Ask Troy. Easy maintenance tasks like washing the air filter, checking spark plugs and inspecting components will keep your leaf blower going all season.

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troy bilt lawn mower backfire

Snow Blowers. Fence Talks. Fence Talks, a new advice series, brings together DIY and garden experts, a pet celebrity and even a therapist to tackle the most common yard points. Explore the Lineup Get Closer.A lawnmower backfire makes a surprisingly loud noise, catching you off guard when you're wrapping up your yard work and shutting off the lawnmower.

Troy-bilt Backfire now won't start

This backfire occurs when fuel ignites outside the engine, usually in the muffler. The backfire won't hurt your engine, but it's often a symptom of a mechanical problem. Backfiring might occur right after your lawnmower engine shuts down. Several reasons exist, including incorrect carburetor settings and problems with your muffler's construction.

Getting the carburetor and muffler checked allows you to make adjustments as necessary. The problem also could be the type of gasoline you're using. Gas containing alcohol ignites differently than non-alcohol gas, which means it could ignite in the muffler instead of the engine.

Changing to a low- or non-alcohol gas might solve your problem. When backfires occur as your lawnmower idles or as you're turning off the engine, the most likely problem is that you're slowing your engine speed too fast. Moving quickly across your yard builds up the engine speed, and if you shut it off suddenly, the engine could pump gas into your muffler where the gas could ignite.

Slowing the speed gradually and allowing the motor to idle for 15 seconds before you turn off the mower can help reduce these backfires. The problem also could be that your mower is overheating; if you suspect this, contact the manufacturer about ways to increase air flow to the engine.

Lawnmowers shouldn't backfire when you're trying to start them. This often is a sign that the mower is damaged in some way; for example, you might have run over a large rock or other obstruction.

troy bilt lawn mower backfire

Many mowers have safeguards in place to allow inexpensive items, such as flywheels, to break when the blade hits a large obstruction; these parts basically sacrifice themselves to save more expensive ones, such as the crankshaft. When a flywheel is broken, your mower might stutter or backfire when you try to start it, but it won't completely engage.

It's unusable until the flywheel is repaired. When you notice backfiring occurring as you try to start the mower, take it in for professional repair before trying to start it again. Some mowers include special parts to help prevent backfires that occur after you've turned off the engine, called anti-afterfire solenoids.

These allow you to turn the engine off at any speed without excess fuel shooting into the muffler. Troubleshooting and replacing anti-afterfire solenoids needs a professional's touch, so contact a licensed repair facility if you think a non-working solenoid might be the issue.

Why Does a Lawnmower Backfire? By Rob Harris.

Why Does a Lawnmower Backfire?

After Shut-Off Backfiring might occur right after your lawnmower engine shuts down. During Shut-Off When backfires occur as your lawnmower idles or as you're turning off the engine, the most likely problem is that you're slowing your engine speed too fast. When Starting Lawnmowers shouldn't backfire when you're trying to start them. Special Equipment Some mowers include special parts to help prevent backfires that occur after you've turned off the engine, called anti-afterfire solenoids.

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troy bilt lawn mower backfire

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