Should i cap my fps

Log in or Sign up. Tags: counter strike global offensive cs:go fps fps cap fps limit fram rate frames per second gpu smooth video. Hello people, i got question about capping fps on games like CS:GO. I play competitively i would really love if anyone could help me with that Question is should i cap it at like all csgo pros do or cap it below monitor refresh rate or keep i uncapped like or 0?

My pc specs: 16gb slow rams cpu: i5 gpu: gtx 1gb Monitor: LG hz without gsync Thanks alot for help!!! Just cap ot at your monitor refresh rate. Whats the point having fps when your monitor can show only ? UndyingSep 18, Could be, yes. I must be getting old because I still think a solid 60fps is plenty. If you need more fps then you might want to upgrade your video card. Csgo is cpu heavy so i think my gpu isnt that much of a deal, but still bottlenecking nontheless i guess.

FenderSep 19, Last edited: Sep 19, Thanks alot for reply! Worth sacrifice for few ms? ChastitySep 24, I have a lot of hours in CS:GO, here's my two cents. If there is even a fraction of a doubt that capping may add latency, you should turn it off.

Fast sync will add input lag, very significant if you flick a lot; your cross hair will trail your mouse movement. Playing on tick servers will significantly decrease your FPS; which is what pros play on, so keep that in mind as well.Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post.

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Help Help us help you. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. My PC's fps when running D2 jumps from 80fps - 90fps during combat heavy boss fights, all the way up to around fps when I'm AKF in a menu, for example. Would it benefit me to cap my framerate so my fps doesn't fluctuate that much the entire time I'm playing D2? Does it really make a difference if I do or not? Comment Reply Start Topic.

Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Use Radeon Chill in Adrenalin settings, set min and max Fps you want. Setting a max cap lets your video card run cooler because it doesn't waste power for outputting high FPS in the menu, for instance.

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Thread: When I have Gsync enabled should that capp the fps to When I have Gsync enabled should that capp the fps to When I have Gsync enabled should that capp the fps to because when I am playing some games my fps goes over I ask this as my friends Gsync monitor caps his framerate at and they are saying they have no vertical sync on or anything set to cap the framerate.

So I am wondering if my monitor is working as it should when I have Gsync enabled. The principal of G sync is to sync the output of the GPU to match the capabilities of the monitor. I seldom have it enabled unless I am experiencing screen tearing in intensive games.

How to Get Better Frame Rates When Streaming and Gaming Simultaneously

Screen tearing happens when the monitor is refreshing faster than the GPU can pump out the frames and its refreshing half of the screen on the info from the previous frame and the other half of the next one.

It does not slow down the GPU at all. It may slow down the monitor refresh to match the output of the GPU.

should i cap my fps

Your friend should check his settings. Usually you're able to change your FPS cap depending on the game. Gsync doesn't cap the FPS. Vsync does and the original implementation of Gsync had Vsync enabled by default. With Gsync on and Vsync off, if FPS exceed the max refresh rate of the monitor, then the Gsync range is exceeded and Gsync no longer works. To clarify Gsync only works upto the max refresh rate. The recommendation is to enable both Gsync and Vsync. Within the Gsync range Vsync provides no latency but helps with frame time spacing and gives smoother gameplay.

When I have Gsync enabled should that capp the fps to because when I am playing some games my fps goes over Originally Posted by bass junkie xl.I searched the forums, did not find anything on this specific topic yet.

So here is my question:. I have a 24 inch 60hz monitor. What fps should I play at? What exactly does 60hz affect vs say hz? Also, should I turn on v-sync or turn it off? If I turn it on, should I enable wait for v-sync or disable it.

I'd say that 60fps 60hzfps would be the minimum you'd ever want to be at. Capping your frame rate is a good thing to do, as it's better to have consistent fps than to have a bouncing one. This is because it is known to cause stuttering and other weird things. I use MSI afterburners fps limiter. It works great. There is no reason to cap your fps, your monitor is just going to grab the next available frame, it's not going to stack them up in a queue.

The only reason to cap is if you're having heat issues. I play on a laptop, so the heat thing is indeed important. But I also have this thing in the back of my mind that tells me I'll consistently get closer to fps if my processor isn't trying to render an unnecessary of frames. Which I guess is the same thing as the laptop getting hot.

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As people have said, no cap is fine. If your framerate has huge drops you wan't to cap it close to your minimum, but if your pc is decent there really isn't much need. I prefer to cap my FPS, as I think it helps with performance issues. For a 60 hz monitor I would cap atand for hz I'd cap at V sync prevents screen tearing by limiting your fps to quite low levels, often times its about Input lag is the amount of time it takes for your input button press, mouse movement, click to be registered in the game.

For example, using a wireless controller will add input lag, because it has to be transmitted over wireless before the action can be carried out.

Not much, but a bit. This reduces input lag because your actions happen slightly sooner on your screen. Input lag between fps VS fps should be indistinguishable by the human eye.

If you plan on using G-sync set fps cap to otherwise The difference in input delay is around 1ms so it is nothing you will notice anyway. Capping FPS without G-sync is pointless. You will still have very slight tearing and stutter. And your input delay will not be as good as with uncaped framrate.

In theory maybe this is correct but practically it is not true at all. For example I have a 60hz monitor and when my fps drops down to 80 there is a huge visual difference from teh normal If you have ever played on a 60hz monitor you would be able to tell. If you using gsync cap to like to stay under hz so your gsync stays engaged with minimal input lag and no tearing, same if you use freesync on amd gpu, and if you use freesync on a nvidia gpu hope your panel is aproved, if have neither cap fps just below your minimum, if that is enough lower graphic settings, inconsistent fps can really mess with sensitivity wanna avoid that as much as possible.

I would simply stay at the highest FPS cap you can reach consistently. G-sync, Freesync and so on is meant to fix screen tearing, but in duing so you get increased input lag. I personally run with a Hz monitor and capped my fps at So in order to keep in consistent i have it capped. I have never noticed any screen tearing, but using any sync option, no matter how optimized they are supposed to be, I do notice the input lag increase.

Input lag is the time it takes for any action you take, like a button press or mouse movement, to show up on your screen. If you are used to playing with relatively high input lag and then switch to a setup with low input lag, the game will feel much more responsive. Something tells me you only tried vsync and are so used to playing with tearing you dont think about it.Unless you are running a very good PC or a two PC stream setup, you may come across some issues trying to run the latest games on your stream.

We will be resolving this issue with a number of techniques, and you can follow along with each step on your own streaming setup too. Please understand that in some cases, the only solution will be to buy better hardware, but I will try to guide you through boosting more performance out of your PC no matter what. For this guide, I will be using OBS to record, which is arguably the best live streaming software right now. To start off, please load up your game and start your stream in bandwidth test mode.

Fps capping in competitive games

We will need to get some details about your computer to determine why you are running at a lower frame rate. Once you have your game open and your stream has started, follow the steps below. You may notice frame drops in your game, or perhaps your viewers will notice frame rate drops in the stream.

There are some methods to lower your usage and once you do, that could potentially resolve any frame rate issues you have. The most important thing you can do to begin with is to close down any programs that are using CPU in the background. We can close down these apps to free up CPU power for our stream. If some apps need to be open, for example, if you use Chrome for music whilst streaming, you could switch to a less CPU intensive option.

You could use the Spotify desktop app, for example, or switch to a low profile browser with less tabs open. Once you have closed down unnecessary apps, the next thing you can do is go through the game settings and reduce the graphics. Look for options that may increase CPU usage like render distance. With these settings lower, your PC will free up more processing power.

One very important tip I can give you is to limit the frame rate in your game. Different games will have different options for this.

Some will require specific commands in the game launch options, others may have an in-game FPS cap. This will free up some processing power for your stream and it will help you to maintain a smooth, consistent frame rate.

It sounds like a strange fix, but it really does work. In my experience, it was the biggest solution to my problem when my viewers complained about stuttery performance.

To find a suitable frame rate, run the game whilst streaming and see what frames you get. Pay attention to the average, and then choose a frame rate limit slightly below that.

I hope that this guide has helped you to resolve any frame rate issues you may have whilst streaming.

should i cap my fps

For a quick reminder, I mentioned three tips in this guide. Ollie stumbled upon writing online whilst participating in a mobile network forum back in Since then, he has developed an incredible passion for writing about all sorts of tech from smartphones, PC hardware, software, and everything in between. Read Ollie's Full Bio. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time. The 5 Best Budget Android Tablets.

should i cap my fps

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Jul 31, 97 0 4, 0. Jun 2, 10, 3 57, 1, I've got plenty of old games that will run at insane frame rates unless capped, the original Crysis will easily show FPS, even at max settings for example, this doesn't make the game any smoother but it DOES push the GPU and CPU temperatures up because the system is rendering frames at such a mad rate.

should i cap my fps

Nov 6, 0 19, No, unless if you play high end games. Vsync will auto cap it. But there are side effects for turning on Vsync. You will get mouse lag and stutter if fps drops below Generally Fps should be cap at 2x your refresh rate. Oct 30, 7, 0 31, I personally don't think you should unless you are running older games. TheMagicalWallaby Dignified. Oct 9, 2, 1 13, You don't get the mouse lag with v-sync, but you get horrible screen tearing.

Honestly, that mouse lag isn't that noticeable. What is a heck of a lot more noticeable, is the awful screen tearing. You must log in or register to reply here.