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Plate bending machine latest construction technology fully hydraulic operated. Plate roll bending machine with great power, designed and engineered to guarantee the best performances.

Roll bending machine with combined technologies for the roll bending and press roll forming of plates. Section bending machine H-beam bending tooling, Angle roll with pre-pinching configuration. Heavy duty roll bending machine hydraulic with pre-pinch construction extremely reliable and performing. Plate bending machine fully hydraulic operated. Equipped with CNC programmable prebending controller for automatic plate rolling. Maximalkraft trainingsplan 3er split information.

Plate roll bending machine with great power performances. Reliable bending technology for all kind of plate rolling works with initial pre-pinching. Combined technologies roll bending and press forming variable geometry. Very flexible unit for general roll bending and conical plate rolling.

Section bending machine with add-on rollers for profiles bending. Pipe bending equipment. H-beam tools.

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Angle bending roll. New hydraulic technology 3 and 4 roll configuration dual initial pinch for cylinders and cones rolling. Year: Click for more installations. Utilmac bending roll machine are utilized for the production of rolled parts for wind towers, www. Select Page. Variable Geometry Press Roll Roll bending machine with combined technologies for the roll bending and press roll forming of plates. Profile Bending Roll Section bending machine H-beam bending tooling, Angle roll with pre-pinching configuration.

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Heavy Plate Roll Heavy duty roll bending machine hydraulic with pre-pinch construction extremely reliable and performing. Plate bending roll Section bending machine. Learn More. Plate bending machine Pipe bending roll. Plate bending machine CNC technology automatic programmable. Bending machine wind towers. Conical plate roll forming. Products what we offer. Preowned and Delivery ready Roll Bending Machine. Corrugated sheet metal panels rolling corrugated roofing.

Cone roll SS small dia x6mm plate film protected outer side.

roll bending machine

Flanged plate rolling aluminum silos bending 10 mm double flanged.Figure 1: Three-roll bending machines are just one of many plate rolling machine styles available to metal fabricators.

The best way to determine the best plate or sheet rolling machine see Figure 1 for the job is to find out what various machines can do. By obtaining this information, you can properly size and select a machine to fit your particular bending application.

Of course, for more in-depth information and application engineering expertise, you can contact plate or sheet metal rolling equipment experts directly. Plate or sheet bending rolls are offered in two distinct categories: single and double-pinch, but they may vary in geometry or style.

General machine styles are three-roll initial-pinch, three-roll double-pinch, four-roll double pinch, three-roll variable translating, three-roll pyramid, and two-roll systems.

Plate rolls are also built in a vertical format for special applications. Matching the most appropriate machine style to the application is important. Machine capacity is equally if not more important than style. Plate roll manufacturers commonly rate their machines according to baseline material yield strengths of 36, to 38, pounds per square inch PSI.

However, you need to realize that steel mills are producing materials with ever-increasing yields. When choosing a machine, you must refer to your mill certificates and verify the average yield strength of the plate you are buying.

Remember, machine capacity must match your material, and most plate roll manufacturers can provide detailed capacity-versus-yield tables to assist you. You often will see capacities for both prebending and rolling for any plate rolling machine. Prebending is performed on the plate roll at the leading and trailing edges of the sheet see Figure 2 —and eventually the seam see Figure 3. A sheet cannot physically be bent right to the edge, and thus what remains is referred to as the unbent flat see Figure 4.

The minimum flat you can expect is 1. It is the prebending operation, in attempting to minimize the unbent flat, which takes the most power.

You must be mindful when reviewing machine capacities that the maximum rolling capacity is usually expressed with the basic requirement of multiple rolling passes and very long unbent flats. You also must note the material thickness and width and equipment characteristics such as cylinder diameter, machine type, yield, and diameter of rolls.

Operator proficiency also should be taken into consideration. NCs and CNCs are becoming more common in the workplace. Automated controls are recommended for high-volume cylinder or shell production and to roll complex shapes that are not easily reproduced using standard manual controls. Multiple bends, variable-radius bends, and ovals are common examples of these complex shapes. Figure 3: If the prebending is done correctly, the seam should come together nicely.

Three-roll initial-pinch see Figure 5 or single initial-pinch plate rolls generally are for light-capacity applications and may be electromechanical or hydraulic. They work by pinching the flat sheet between two vertically opposed rolls while the third, offset roll—or bending roll—moves upward to contact and then bend the sheet.Bertsch was founded inand has earned worldwide recognition as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, heavy-duty metal rolling equipment.

Explore more benefits of Piranha-Bertsch Bending Rolls. Put years of industry experience to work for you! Use what our team knows about metal fabrication to help you improve your production and increase your profit.

roll bending machine

As you submit the form, our system will attempt to determine appropriate literature and email you a quote. Please allow a moment to prepare your information before closing this window. All quotes are based on U. Dollars and sale and installation based in U. Contact us for custom quotations outside U. Pre-bending to the full rated capacity plate is accomplished with sufficient power in each side roll hydraulic cylinder.

Many competitors are not capable of pre-bending to their maximum rated rolling capacity. Because most competitors allow adjustment on one end only, roll corrections are more difficult. Hydraulically adjustable and used to maintain cylinder shape during rolling. Cone Rolling Attachment The attachment is a removable snubber device, designed to retard the small end of the cone, allowing the large end to travel at a greater surface speed. Alloy Hardened Rolls Recommended when forming cones or when rolling hard materials that may leave permanent scarring in the roll surface.

Material Feed Systems Custom designed for rolling application to reduce labor. Plate Travel Monitor Linear encoder measures plate travel, as a digital readout indicates plate location. Used when rolling parts requiring a flat prior to a radius. Electronic Speed Control Infinitely variable roll rotation speed provided directly from operations console. Custom Rolls Custom designs to fit every rolling need — from rolling corrugated material to automated cells.

How material reacts to these positions can vary greatly with changes in the materials dimensions and mechanical properties. Therefore, modifications to program positions are often required to adjust for these variables.

Four digital readouts, one for each side roll and two for pinch roll. Pressure gauges monitor pinch pressure on both ends of the machine to monitor part squareness. Operator safety is ensured by electrical disconnect with lock-out feature, e-stop button located on control, and a trip switch located along both sides of the machine.

We reduce potential leaks by eliminating connections and utilizing hard tubing throughout the machine, limiting the use of hoses only to areas requiring a flexible connection. Most competitors use hose connections exclusively, creating the potential for more leaks. The Rectilinear Guide concept consists of forming rolls that are guided in place by a machined surface, and bearing blocks mounted directly above the hydraulic cylinder.

The position of the rolls is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder with no additional moving parts. There are no load-bearing wear points or torsional stresses affecting roll parallelism and accuracy. This leads to a long service life, consistent parts, and low maintenance. The centerline of the forming roll is close to that of the pinch roll. This allows the flat areas associated with pre-bending to be small and consistent.

In addition, Piranha-Bertsch sizes the direct-acting hydraulic cylinders to pre-bend to the maximum rolling capacity of each machine. Each side of every forming roll is individually controlled, allowing fine roll adjustments, making cone rolling easy to set up. There are no torque tube stresses to account for. Rectilinear Guides are more expensive to produce because they require additional machining, and the hydraulic cylinders have a larger diameter.

The Planetary Swing Guide concept consists of the forming rolls mounted to a lever arm. The hydraulic cylinders are mounted so that a mechanical advantage is formed allowing use of a smaller diameter, and less expensive cylinder. The rolls move along an arc, and are cam guided.In DAVI, the safety of employees and customers comes first, DAVI, thanks to its network made of branches, dealers and agents, owns more than 30 logistic centers located all around the world.

DAVI is fully-equipped in order to provide assistance even on-site with authorized technicians, with a great number of machines and spare parts that can be delivered everywhere. We have deployed a number of smart solutions in order to eliminate movements and contacts between people. Thanks to all the communication and remote working systems available nowadays, DAVI is still operational. Especially in these weeks, these instruments have proved to be very effective and efficient and had great results, granting high satisfaction of our clients.

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roll bending machine

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Exchange privilege 30 days, if you are not satisfied of the machine we will exchange for another, subject to availability of equal or greater value if you wish to pay the difference. See inventory Profile bending machines 3 roll pinch pivot planetary technology. Multiroll rollers configuration. Range of capacity 1 mm to mm plate thickness Range of plate width mm to mm Linear guideways for rolls motion. Hydraulic powered rollers rotation by-directional. In-feed pinch rollers for initial plate dragging.

Double bench of rollers to guarantee best structural strength. Digital CNC controller programmable with straightening active control. Position readout of each roller individual with adjustable parallel setup. Construction technology with utmost quality. Guaranteed straightening planarity within tight tolerance. Truck tanker roll.

Muffler Motorbikes. Large cone. Flange Roll. Re-roll manifold. About us Roll Bending Machines since the early 90ties. Roll bending machines since the early 90ties. Quality research for the best technology.

Continuous growth with professional passion and dedication. Committed to provide products and services which meet our customers requirement.

More info. Machines Pre-owned bendingrollco certified for your works. Delivery ready - New machines Inventory updated weekly. Straightening Machine. Installations All Year Round applications at final users. Truck tanker roll square tanker cross section, alu 4 mm thickness Muffler Motorbikes roll bending titanium plate sheet thickness 1mm in Flange Roll steel bar x 35 mm roll bending on-edge stainle Re-roll manifold short and heavy roll for heavy rings manufacturing Contact Us Call or email for details.Door Frame Roll Forming Machine.

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If you have any problems or any purchase plan about machineplease contact us freelywe will reply to you as soon as possible. Communicate with Supplier? Chat Now Contact Supplier. Welcome to consult. Shearing Machine Bending Machine. Certificates Company Show.Rolls, Angle Bending. Developed directly from the needs and feedback of machinery owners and brokers across the country, we've packed our platform full of valuable features that will help you sell more machines and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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