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Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas. Certain businesses produce or handle organic waste that can be repurposed into a clean, renewable fuel source called biogas. When biogas is conditioned or upgraded to pipeline-quality natural gas, it becomes renewable natural gas RNG. Here are some types of businesses that tend to have sufficient supplies of the waste needed to make RNG:. You can use RNG to power equipment or vehicles that use natural gas, or to generate your own electricity on site.

Other benefits include:. When biogas is conditioned into RNG, it potentially sells at a higher price than natural gas. Where do biogas and biomethane come from? There are numerous qualified non-utility providers of products and services needed for construction and operation of biogas conditioning and upgrading facilities, but SoCalGas does not recommend or endorse the products or services of any particular party listed herein, or represent that the particular products or services are fit for any particular purpose or use.

By publishing this list, SoCalGas is not acting in an advisory capacity, and does not assume any responsibility for use of the list by customers. Although commercially reasonable efforts are used in posting this list, no representation is made that it is complete or free from error. Related information is posted at socalgas. Vendors are listed alphabetically and the order of listing implies no preference. The information contained herein is made available solely for informational purposes.

The SimGas biogas system is an integrated farm solution for rural households in Africa and Asia

Although SoCalGas has used reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy of the information at the time of its inclusion, no express or implied representation is made that it is free from error or suitable for any particular use or purpose. SoCalGas assumes no responsibility for any use thereof by you, and you should discuss decisions related to this subject with your own advisors and experts.The application of biogas in real-world uses has many advantages.

First of all applying the biogas process anaerobic digestion is best known to be a renewable energy creator, and yet for some people the motivation in agriculture can increasingly be more to provide a waste management solution, than gain energy benefits. During the biogas production process, roughly an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide CO2 is generated as is absorbed by the energy crops during their growth cycle, or as would be released naturally in the rotting of waste.

This makes power and heat from biogas plants particularly climate-friendly. Being a climate-friendly, renewable heat source means that biogas production has a huge benefit pushing forward its use.

The most common method of using biogas for energy production is through converting it into heat and electricity in combined heat and power CHP plants.

For the most efficient use of biogas all new plants should incorporate CHP systems. Now we will look at each of these top biogas applications in turn, in more detail:. The application of biogas to electricity generation is the most common of all uses. Biogas made from plant material offers a renewable way to generate electricity.

Unlike solar power available only during the day or wind power made only intermittently, biogas uses a reliable field crop grown and harvested by farmers. Biogas possesses chemical energy, and therefore electricity from biogas comes as a result of converting this chemical energy to mechanical energy and finally into electricity. This is done by the use of transducers such as generators and turbines that convert energy from one form to another. This electricity can be used both domestically and commercially since it can be made in small and large scale.

Connect the biogas source to the inlet of the gas engine. The biogas source may be a cylinder that contains pressurized gas or directly from a digesterwhich is the means of decomposing the organic material.

The gas engine is designed to work in a similar manner to that of a car, since it is composed of pistons within which the gas is burnt and used to rotate a shaft, converting the chemical energy in the biogas into mechanical energy through motion. Connect the gas engine to the AC generator in such a way that the rotating shaft powers the AC generator.

mobile biogas

The motion transferred to the AC generator produces electricity through magnetism. The application of biogas to produce combined heat and power should be as common as electricity generation, but the additional CHP plant requires additional investment, so the add-on equipment needed to use the waste heat may not be installed. Whenever that happens it should be seen as a missed opportunity.

There is almost always a use to which the heat can be put, from electricity generation. Energy which would otherwise have to be wasted to the air around the cooling fans.

Biogas is saturated and contains H2Sand the simplest use is in a boiler to produce hot water or steam. The most common use is where the biogas fuels an internal combustion gas engine in a Combined Heat and Power CHP unit to produce electricity and heat. In Sweden the compressed gas is used as a vehicle fuel and there are a number of biogas filling stations for cars and buses.

The gas can also be upgraded and used in gas supply networks. The use of biogas in solid oxide fuel cells is also being researched. Biogas can be combusted directly to produce heat. In this case, there is no need to scrub the hydrogen sulphide in the biogas.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Energy Biogas. Environment Water Treatment Waste Management. Machinery Concrete Batching Plant. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Output Type Ac Three Phase. Contact Supplier. Puxin Small Home Biogas Plant.

Puxin Mini Biogas Plant 1. Teenwin Hot Sale mobile houses biodigester. It is surface mounted ,there is no need for digging or heavy construction.

Mobile Biogas Upgrading

The order will not be confirmed until the payment reaches our bank account. We make new contributions to safeguarding global clean water and clean air. CE certified china supplier turkey biomass power plant mw. Will be operation training offered9 Yes, operator training would be conducted by our technicians during the process of commissioning or factory training course in China.

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At present, our products are widely used in the area of industry, energy, chemistry, mine, building, transportation and water conservancy. Striving for the best and chasing for higher efficiency, higher quality, practicalness and energysaving are our mottos. Our company has commanded the design of genset with years' experience and oversea companies' great support.

Sewage water treatment biogas plant 1mw - 5mw biogas generator. High efficiency wood gas generator used inmw BOT turnkey wood gas power plant. After training, local operator can do the basic maintenance by themselves according to our maintenance manual. Pre-sale service : Select proper gen-setInstallation recommendation and Tech supportSpecial equipping design 2.

In-sale service : Application tech supportInstallation test Installation recommendation 3 After-sale service : T ech trainingOutstanding maintenanceOperator training 4 Lifetime service : Maintenance serviceTech consultancyComponents supply AS the leading manufacture of gas generator and related equipments in China 12 months or running hours warranty covering all manufacturing defects whichever comes first since leaving China port, our company provides free easily-damaged parts for the faults caused by the quality of products or raw material, but exclude the damageable parts of engine due to customer's incorrect man-made operation.

Pre fabricated mobile type Biogas plants. China concrete mixer mini mobile with pump cheapest truck biogas plant.

mobile biogas

Baichy easy moving jaw crusher and impact mobile crusher plant for sale. Stainless steel Horizontal Biogas Storage Tank for biogas digester.Converting biogas into electric power, heat from renewable sources or biomethane RNG, Renewable Natural Gas requires the gas to be treated first.

Components typically needing to be eliminated include H 2 S hydrogen sulphide and siloxanes from landfill gas for example or H 2 S and terpenes from fermentation gas. To meet all these challenges DESOTEC offers a customised package with immediate availability: mobile activated carbon filters, assuring the highest autonomy of the plant.

mobile biogas

Furthermore, DESOTEC has developed a collection of top-of-the-range adsorption products that maximise performance and hence keep costs down to a minimum. DESOTEC offers recycling solutions for spent activated carbon coming from biogas treatment plants in its own reactivation furnaces and other valorisation facilities. Application fields.

Air emission Biogas Remediation Waste water Chemicals. Purification with mobile activated carbon filters. More about activated carbon. The use of mobile filters offers several advantages to the user: An easy to use and compact solution. Plug-and-Play Small and compact units designed to treat a broad range of flows and concentrations. The filters are offered with daily rental contracts. No capex facility is needed. On site representative piloting.

No maintenance cost. Continuous new developments and improvements DESOTEC offers recycling solutions for spent activated carbon coming from biogas treatment plants in its own reactivation furnaces and other valorisation facilities.

Our mobile filters. Recent carbonology cases Removing VOCs from biogas to upgrade to biomethane. Activated carbon guarantees odour-free start-up of biogas plants. Aircon BG-filter re-opens source of income for Finnish customer.

No more odour nuisance at Scandinavian biogas plant. Mobile activated carbon filters crucial for upgrade bio gas to green gas at Italian waste processor. Not sure what solution is right for you? Contact our experts.With over 15 years of research and development, we have one of the most efficient biogas systems in the world. These are large scale systems built according to clients energy needs.

They are best applicable for schools, hotels, churches, childrens homes and any other institutions with high energy demand. These are systems designed for lower energy demands for daily use. They can install in as few as 3 hours producing gas in as little as days and run on any biodegradable material with no need for a cow.

mobile biogas

The BioSans Gas toilet provides a clean hygienic solution whilst producing biogas and a rich fertilizer bioslurry. They are prefabricated and will be assembled on site in a few minutes.

The output bio-slurry is a mineral rich organic fertilizer that is ready for use and also works as an extreme effective pest repellent. In order to to effectively utilize all the biogas produced, we have developed other products such as biogas dryers, biogas brooders and more.

As we grow, we are continuously innovating new methods and products that are better, more efficient and simpler to use. You can start using gas within days after installation. Full production is realized within days. The Merry loo is a simple low cost replacement for the pit latrine. It mainly features a multi chamber digester to ensure total liquidation of solids and complete fermentation, which also means the system never fills up and never requires emptying.

Its also above ground so rocky areas and high water tables are not an issue. Authorities and locals have been waging a war to control the runaway cactus for a few years, often using machetes, mechanical diggers, or insects that feed on the cactus, but with limited success. Now, new technologies such as the T-rex biodigesters has been introduced to try to control the thorny pest for good. The efficiency of our biogas systems has enabled the company to sell well over 1, flexi biogas units in Kenya and over units all over the world in countries like Nepal, Cambodia, India, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Rwanda.

Flexi biogas is not just about an amazing invention that produces tons of gas but some clever uses of the gas and the sludge which can enhance compost to improve gardening. Thanks to the digester, women no longer have to collect firewood, but can use the biogas from the digester for cooking. Plus the waste product from the system is an excellent fertiliser.

Rethinking Biogas Systems. Flexi Biogas Systems. Get started. Talk to us today to learn more!Part of the purpose of building the mobile food and apple grinder cart was to grind up kitchen scraps, garden leftovers, and even weeds for use in a biogas digester. I've been composting these things for years, but as I've read more about greenhouse gases and realized that methane is many times worse for the atmosphere than CO2, I began to think about capturing the methane that my household creates and doing something with it.

I could just throw a tarp over the compost pile and light a match to the built-up gases every now and then, but a biogas digester would more efficiently convert the organic waste to methane, collect the methane, and provide a nutrient-rich compost liquid that I can use to water the garden.

Part of the goal here too is to reuse materials I had cluttering up my garage and basement. Some I'd held on to with this project in mind, some I just happened to come across. Doing so probably wasn't cost-effective, given the number of plumbing adapters I had to buy to make X work with Y, but at least I cleared out some of the clutter. I won't get into too many specifics on dimensions for that reason - use your best judgment regarding materials if you plan on building your own digester.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I bought three different containers for this project: one with a removable lid, a gallon drum, and a gallon drum. All three are plastic HDPEand all three were sourced from a neighbor who specializes in second-hand barrels. The removable lid container will be used for the digester itself, so it needs a feed pipe, a gas outlet, a drain, and an overflow provision.

Both the and gallon drums will get their tops removed, and the smaller will fit inside the larger to trap the biogas. I measured how far in from the edge of the lid to drill the hole to account for the gradual decrease in diameter toward the bottom of the barrel. I also eyeballed the depth so I could cut some 2-inch PVC to length - the bottom of the feed tube doesn't need to extend all the way down, just far enough to keep the end submerged and just short enough to allow whatever you dump down the tube to spread throughout the rest of the digester.

I then fit a coupler to the top of the PVC and inserted a threaded adapter through the hole and into the coupler. PVC cement to keep it all together and some clear silicone to seal up the gaps PVC cement does not work on HDPE, so it's not an option to simply glue the fill tube to the lid. A threaded male plug is easy enough to unscrew by hand when it comes time to fill. I found a drum funnel that happened to have the same thread diameter and pitch as the PVC. Filling is much less messy with it, highly recommended.

Also, I built a stuffer using the cut-out round from the hole saw ground down a bit on the edges and an old broomstick. Whatever goes down the feed tube should be ground up finely enough not to get stuck in the tube, but this will help encourage what isn't.

If the stuffer doesn't get the job done, a big long section of metal pipe will.

mobile biogas plant

To prevent damage from freezing over during the winter, I want to be able to drain it, so I adde another hole toward the bottom for a garden hose-style drain. I entertained the idea of heating it throughout the winter using the heating element from an old dishwasher, but the ultimate goal here is to produce energy, not consume it.

To keep the digester sealed, I added a valve for when the fluid level hasn't yet reached the overflow tube and a J-bend for when it has. This will just dump out to a 5-gallon bucket for now, but I may add an overflow tank later on. Note the upturned entrance to the overflow tube inside the digester.SimGas designs, produces and installs biogas systems for households in Africa and Asia.

Our systems produce clean energy and organic fertiliser: two valuable assets to increase income whilst saving life, nature, money and time. SimGas biogas systems are fully integrated farm solutions designed to reach millions of rural households in developing countries.

Our systems enable rural households with livestock to use the manure from their livestock to generate clean fuel for cooking and organic fertiliser. Why do we design, produce and deliver biogas systems? Because we want to enable our customers to become more productive, independent, cost-efficient, and healthy farmers.

And because we want to make biogas accessible not just for the lucky few, but for the worthy many. Do you want to buy our biogas system and do you live in Tanzania, Kenya or Rwanda? Order it online at the website of SimGas East Africa: www. Inside the digester, micro- organisms work symbiotically to convert the manure into biogas and slurry through the process of anaerobic digestion. The biogas replaces wood and charcoal as cooking fuels, and replaces kerosene lighting with biogas lighting.

It can even be used to cool a milk churn or to charge a mobile phone. Using biogas thereby lowers household energy expenditures and makes households independent of unreliable or non-existent power grids. Alleviating dependence on wood fuel or charcoal not only takes away the health hazards of indoor air pollution, it also saves time: about two to four hours a day. The improved crop yield is consumed by the household or sold at the local market, increasing income.

The improved cow fodder is fed to the cows, which in turn will produce more milk and manure. The cycle repeats itself, every day.

The Application of Biogas – A List of the 7 Top Uses

The system consists of a handful of simple and robust components that can be mixed and matched to create digesters of varying size. Our customers chose SimGas biogas systems for the reasons as listed below. All this comes down to a high value, low cost product that has an average payback period of two years. We provide systems that are perfectly sized for farmers with as few as two cows or as many as thirty.