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Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. BeaconJon Posts: January edited February in Road buying advice. Anyone bought from Dengfu bikes lately? I'm putting together a little winter project with a FM but their website seems to be down at the moment. Just wondered if anyone had had any dealings with them over the holiday period. Cheers, Jon. January Not recently, but I did buy an FM frame last year. Ive recently changed to a cyclo cross bike so I may be selling it if you're interested?

Might be interested. What size and finish? How did you get on with unlabeled leg diagram diagram base website leg diagram buying process from Dengfu?

How is the frame? Its a size 58cm with an uncut ISP, the finish is 3k standard i was going to go for the matt finish but it cost more and weighs more! The buying process was fairly straight forward really, had a chat with them, sent some money and the frame arrived about 2 weeks later. It rides nicely, one thing I noticed over my previous carbon planet x is that it feels much stiffer, both the back end and the forks with the big tapered steerer Not sure what it weighs, somewhere around g I think, going by weights posted on other forums.

Have you seen the thread on roadbikereview? Loads of info on there. Hi I bought one of their frames last year FM non isp with a bespoke paintjob from them and have been really pleased with it, raced on it last season and the only problem I found was that the headset that came with it was not great.

Apart from that Id definately recomend getting one if you are after a bargain frame and you dont need the kudos of a big name brand. All corespondance was with Mina and was spot on. So pleased with the service that Im soon to order a set of wheels from them. I can mail you pictures of the frame if you are interested Jas.

I would ask there because that thread gets a lot of daily traffic. I think my inside leg is somewhere around 34", the ISP was only just long enough really. Have you seen the geometry chart on the website? The top tubes are quite short if I remember, I think the top tube on the 58 is mm off the top of my head cant get on the website at the moment As for the price, I'm not entirely sure. The sale would include the frame, forks, a specialized headset, a tapered carbon headset spacer, the ISP topper and a carbon steerer bung.

I'm not expecting a huge amount since it is an "unbranded frame" - if you're serious make me an offer and I cant sort some pictures.Then they told me they did not have dt, and recommended I went to powerway or dts. I decided on dts and paid another dollars. A week after that, Paul told me he had got the price wrong, and I needed to pay another 80 dollars. After some complaint, he agreed on I paid again, now totalling USD. A week later Paul at Dengfu then told me they only had centre-loock I had order 6-boltso I said ok.

I then asked if they would supply valve extenders with the wheels, which they said no, so I ordered new long valve tubes from the UK. I said no, I would like a refund. No reply. He offered me thru-axel - showing he knows nothing about bikes and that a QR frame cannot accept thru-axel.

dengfu review

I refused and he said they could not give me a refund - until I cancel the complaint to paypal. If you close a case with paypal, it cannot be re-opened, and obviously I would not do this without getting a refund. He said several times I must withdraw the complaint before they refunded me. Finally this morning he refunded the 3 payments.

If I did not have paypal protection, I am doubtful I'd have got the money back. Having lived in China for 7 years previously I know what Chinese businesses are like, and this case demonstrates it perfectly - they will tell you anything you want to hear to push a deal through, and hope they can get away with their lies and deceit - many Chinese customers will let them, as despicable customer service is the norm in the PRC.

AFter 2 months I am now stuck with no wheels and not enough money to buy a pair as good as i'd hoped I'd have gotten, with some rotors and extended valve tubes I may not need.

Not very good at all. If you like road. As a subscriber you can read road. The revenue from adverts helps to fund our site. Your subscription will help us to do more. If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can. The vs SRAM Rival article that has been, er, re-released to a grateful audience today, also contains the suggestion that the R medium Not exactly a densely populated area, so unless someone turns them in as a relative, it does not surprise me Yes, but we all know that if the cyclist hadn't tried to avoid Measures car, she would have been fine.

TBH, I wonder what the justified the jury to I've an aero bike and a bike with discs among my bikes. Aero at amateur level is a gimmick and my rim brakes are just fine. This is a nice bike. Stack and reach are pretty much it, unless it has a particularly slack or steep seat angle as that can affect the position of the knee and hip in Running isn't bad for your knees.

Running will remind you that your knees are broken and need fixingAlongside the used bikes and official bike shop listings, there are a huge number of very cheap, unbranded carbon alternatives, often from China.

For the road cyclist looking for a unique bike and who is not concerned with brand names and logos, building up one of these frames with the finishing kit and groupset of choice is a very tempting prospect. But if the price seems too good to be true, can we trust these frames? Have they gone through the same stringent testing procedures as named brands?

They can pay for the mould cost and so their retail prices are higher. One of the primary concerns among UK cyclists when considering buying a frame online from China is the lack of warranty offered. One UK bike importer we spoke to, who wished to remain nameless, raised serious concerns about the number of frame failures they had witnessed in Chinese carbon products. Mei, however, assures us that his frames — made from high-tensile Toray and aerospace grade and carbon-fibre — meet the relevant EN European standards for sales in the UK.

Neil Ball of UK carbon repair specialist Carbon Bike Technics has a theory as to why reported instances of frame failures are uncommon. Big-name brands are quick to challenge the reliability of cheaper Chinese imports, especially in light of a number of high-profile scares over the influx of counterfeit frames coming to Europe. Imagine what would happen if you were descending and the frame broke.

But if you buy a cheap frame — not necessarily a counterfeit — you should be aware of the possible consequences. Even UK online retailers are good at dealing with issues arising from bike sales, and are also in the same time zone. The carbon road bike market is a busy place; but should people look to China for a cheaper alternative?

As well as testing, we build bikes for our test riders to review on our website, and customers can share experiences on our forum.

The first version of this article originally appeared in the May 21, print issue of Cycling Weekly. Home News Product News. Chinese Carbon products appear on paper to offer excellent value. Tech question. Best tubeless sealant: what to buy, how much to use and how long to leave it. Is a stiffer bike really faster?Beginner racer or have questions about the world of amateur competitive cycling?

Header Photo Credit. Dengfu vs. I understand that there are numerous posts on reddit as well as all over the interweb that I could go sift through, but reading hundreds of forum pages is not on my to-do list. I've already read through quite a few, including reviews. If you don't appreciate this post. Don't reply. I was hoping to poll users on experiences, with the hopes of identifying any perceptible difference in experience between the three.

From my understanding, VeloBuild simply paints and sells using parts from other factories, whereas Hongfu and Dengfu are actual factories. Either way, If you wouldn't mind, please provide a brief description of your experience, from bike performance to customer service. It would be much appreciated. I made no mention of where I would need shipping to. I emailed Chris at VeloBuild inquiring as to how his price is noticeably lower. Here's the exchange:. How are you able to price your frames so competitively?

Are they lower quality? Cheaper material? Or some sort of business advantage you have? About price ,R is open mould ,you can see there are also other sellers sell the frames ;But Hongfu's frame they made the mould and the frame sold by Hongfu only ,so their price higher as the price mixing with mould cost ".

I had a dengfu fm, it honestly was a very good bike and I really enjoyed using it, 'upgraded' to a tarmac and the difference in stiffness is insane, I'll be taking the fm apart later in the year and putting on it to use as a winter bike.

Dengfu wheels are also very good, though I've never used a proper brands wheels to compare them to, had no issues with them around the climbs of the UK I lived around the Welsh mountains for the majority of the time I was using them, 0 issues. That's really interesting feedback.Post by mikedkelly on Sun Apr 16, pm. Post by dudemanppl on Sun Apr 16, pm. Post by wheelbuilder on Sun Apr 16, pm. Post by Voye on Mon Apr 17, am. Post by mikedkelly on Mon Apr 17, am.

Post by wheelbuilder on Mon Apr 17, am. Post by dudemanppl on Mon Apr 17, am.

The 4.28KG Ultralight Road Bike - Building An Illegal Hyper-Bike

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dengfu review

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If there does not appear a WW discount position when you check out you do not have enough postings! Weight Weenies Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Dengfu FM — Build Who are you no off-topic talk please. Forum rules. The resin on the leading edge of the seat post has been molded to feel like heavy grit sandpaper, and there are four gaps on the frame at the seat post entrance which provide good clamping force.

I applied carbon grip paste inside the entrance on the frame and all down the covered part of the post. With 5nm of torque, it seems to be holding nicely.

Overall, I really like it so far. I'll be taking spacers out of the stem once I decide on whether I am keeping the integrated handlebars or going with a standard stem and bars. I would be receptive of any input you have and am happy to answer any questions you have about the ordering process, working with Dengfu, etc. Last edited by mikedkelly on Sun Apr 30, pm, edited 6 times in total.Since the very beginning of this site's history, we've had readers asking us to review so-called "open mold" frames.

And today, we're finally going to do so. This article is our build of a frame we purchased called the FM It is sold variously by HongFu and DengFu, although it's likely that neither of these is the actual factory, both an intermediary trading company.

You may have seen it sold under various other 'brand' names, but the truth is that no seller has an exclusive right to call the design their own. That's exactly what 'open mold' means; it's a design usually developed by a carbon factory's in-house engineers, meant to be sold as an OEM frame to anyone who wishes to brand it as their own.

Sometimes this is done as a specific business model that is, the factory is just looking for ways to make use of its capacity and keep its workers busy.

Other times open mold frames are produced as a form of advertisement to other manufacturers of the factory's capability. That is, if you're a bike company looking to have your designs produced in carbon, you might want to see a sample of what the factory can do, and open mold frames are one way for them to show that to you without sending a sample from another client's private mold.

In some cases, open mold frames are a bit of an industry scourge; smaller factories looking for business at any cost might attempt a counterfeit copy of another bike, even painting them and branding them as the genuine article.

And in some cases, these lines between "independently-designed frame" and "full-on counterfeit" categories may be blurred. But for this article, I'm not interested in the more nefarious side of things, so I'm trying to stay in the former category as much as possible. Those implications certainly exist, and present some real moral questions. But I don't want to get into those with this piece. What I wanted to do was pick a good frame even if it steals design cues from other market offeringsbuild it up, and report back to my readers.

DengFu Bikes - Chinese Carbon - Warning/ FYI

I'll leave the politics ad philosophy to others. What's so great about an open mold frame? Primarily, they're cheap. Shop around enough, and you can find some decent frames, fairly narrow frontal profiles, and a lack of gimmicks. This is in contrast to years past where every open mold frame on the market had an unbelievably-wide head tube just sucking wind. Some of the newer frames actually look pretty good, and I picked perhaps the best one for this review.

That is, somewhere between last-gen and current-gen bikes. It looks very good, but with a couple areas for improvement. We'll get to that later. The major drawback to open mold frames is their complete lack of brand presence, anywhere. There's no real customer service engine that actually reaches back to the entity responsible for the bike's creation.

At best, you're going to be served by some intermediate trading company. For many issues, that might be more than satisfactory, and there's an entire community of people who are decidedly in favor of the open mold experience. But it's certainly possible that you'll wind up with some kind of quality control issue that no one will care to solve. Maybe you receive the wrong paint scheme, or the wrong model all together.

dengfu review

Maybe you'll get a bike whose BB shell needs to be re-chased, or a bike that didn't come with a headset. I've purchased several open mold frames in my time, and experienced virtually all of the aforementioned problems at one time or another. Quality, in general, seems to have improved over time, with the subject frame of this article completely free of defects. Honestly, it was a beautiful, flawless frame.

I got it with BB30 and no paint, just a glossy clearcoat over nude unidirectional carbon fiber. I also got it without a fork, because it came with a silly behind-the-fork V-brake. So I put on a standard 3T Funda and got to work. Hit the jump for all the build details. Raptor: the Ultimate Aero Gravel Rig We always wanted to know what it was like to ride in aero down a dirt path.Sign in.

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Dengfu Bikes

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