Dante level 2 answers

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Audio networking technology developer Audinate has made Level 2 Dante Certification available online. The Dante Certification program was created in response to interest in Dante networking and audio networking best practices.

Level 1 certification covered basic principles of audio networking and Dante. Level 1 online Dante Certification was launched last year, with more than 5, people now certified. Following the release of Level 1, requests for further education led to the development of the Level 2 Certification. Level 2 Certification was previously offered only at live events.

This half-day training course was followed by a knowledge test and a hands-on skills test. Audinate has made the Level 2 course available online for those who are unable to attend live events. The Level 2 course also includes an interactive simulator for the hands-on skills test. The Level 2 Certification course is an intermediate to advanced level course that prepares AV personnel to design larger Dante network systems, and provides training on audio networking concepts such as clocking, unicast and multicast, latency, and redundancy.

The course contains ten instructional videos, a knowledge test and the simulated skills test. The Level 2 certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all modules, and pass both tests.

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dante level 2 answers

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Do your worst! Update: I see - you don't read other texts.If you want to change your email address associated with your Dante Certification training, click here for directions on changing training email address. Selecting and starting a course After logging in, click the link to add a course Clicking the "Home" link in the upper left will always take you to your courses.

Click on one to start or resume. The Certifications Two Level 1 options are provided. One includes training videos and the certification exam, while the other is just the exam for those who attend a live training event.

Level 2 consists of an online test and an instructor led test. No action by you on the site is required for the instructor led section. Getting your Certificate Certificates are available after all units of a course are complete You can also download a certificate later by logging in to the certification site www.

Promoting your Credential A certification seal is available for each level completed. You can display the certification seal on your business card, email signature, LinkedIn profile, or even on a ribbon around your neck it that's your style!

A link to the seal image is included in the course completion email. You can change the email address of the current audinate. Don't change the email address in the field above it. It will change when you save and log back in. You will get a message that an "account already exists with this name" error message. Don't worry, this is just an in-between state. Ignore this message. At this point, you have moved the old account to the new email but you are not logged in to it. To log in, you will probably need to clear your browser cookies for talentlms.

Follow your browser's directions to delete these cookies.

Audinate Level 2 Dante Certification Now Available Online

You can now log into your training account with the new email address and password of the new Audinate. If you want to change everything to the new email address: Log into the training site, audinate. Click "Save" at the botom of the screen Copy the email address from this page and go back to your tab with the training site In the training site, click the "Learner" link at the top and select "My info" Change the Audinate.

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Learn more Become a Reseller. Featured Dante-Enabled Products. Full Catalog.Audinate is now rolling out an additional online certification course for installers. Following the launch of the Level 1 online Dante Certification launched last year, a Level 2 Dante Certification is now available.

Dante's inferno quiz: Which level of hell are you destined for?

Over 5, people have already received the Level 1 Dante Certification, which covered the basic principles of audio networking and Dante. The new certification is an online alternative to the existing half-day training course, which includes a knowledge test and a hands-on skills test.

Despite the move, the Level 2 course includes an interactive simulator for the hands-on skills test, meaning installers will see get the same level of knowledge. This course contains 10 instructional videos, a knowledge test and the simulated skills test. The Level 2 certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all modules, and pass both tests. Remember Me.

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dante level 2 answers

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Using Multicast with Dante Controller

The only downfall is it's a challenge on a medium difficulty. That said, I haven't played Dantes Inferno yet, but I played the demo and really liked it.

Guide to Dante Certification and Online Training Site

I didn't get it because it got a not so great review, but I will play the full version. If you want to know what a game is like, go to ign. Watch the video review.

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dante level 2 answers

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Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Bioshock 2. Looks much better than Dante's Inferno. Meghz Lv 4. I played the Dante's Inferno demo and was really disappointed. It looks some much cooler then Dantes inferno. Plus its just