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Cubase templates online source for exclusive electronic dance music producer. We provide Instant downloads and secure Paypal payments for all Cubase template purchases. Our site is deticated mostly to professional dance and trance templates provided by selected brands and sound labels.

As a result you will boost your music production skills and learn new tricks to apply to your own electronic music projects. Make sure to read the FAQ section for more detailed answers for your questions or you can contact us by using the Contact page. Cubase 10 templates on this site are easily downloaded by instant acces after your purchase.

You can find the downloaded cubase template files in your account page or in the order confirmed email sent to you after purchase.

Our products include all midi and audio information along with presets and track automation for you to explore, and most importantly, to get inspired with Cubase!! Valve Audio. Featured Cubase Templates Sale. States Of Trance Vol. Cubase template. States of Trance Vol. Valve Audio States of Trance Vol. Cubase Trance Templates Bundle 4 pack Rated 5. New Products Sale. Trance Mega Pack — 7 Cubase Templates.

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Speed up your workflow with presets and templates in Cubase

Read more. Why use DAW templates? December 2, Drag your recorded files or use the 'import audio files' function to the relevant channels in the project file. Listen and enjoy the great result.

How to Create and Save Templates in Cubase - Music Production for Beginners

Now you have a professional mix that you can personalize and customize. F alling. Personalize your mix and make it yours! Mix Simulation. Hear the Difference with these samples.

Click here for more details Get Cubase Pro 8. Get Cubase Elements 8. Get Steinberg Key License control device. Mixing with Cubase. Pre-engineered by audio sound experts. Template sample channel preview. Template view after files have been dragged into the relevant channels. Template in mixer mode view. Light version unavailable. Inspired by: DJ Tomer Maizner.

Preview template. Milion eyes Meshi Haziza. Get Cubase Elements 8 for a special price! Get Steinberg Key License control device for a special price! How to get that punchy bass drum Introducing: "Audio Mix Templates for Cubase".

Give your mix the professional edge with the sound you dreamed about! Click on the image for enlarged view. MT screenshot - Channel preview Template sample channel preview. MT screenshot - Mixer view Template in mixer mode view. By David Wallimann.Bigroom EDM is a style of house music, often referred to as subgenre of Electro house due to similar structures and elements.

There are usually two builds with pauses, two drop sections and one or two breakdowns, giving Bigroom EDM songs a distinctive radio capability. For producers, the biggest challenge of a Bigroom EDM production is to make the overall sound huge and wide while keeping all the elements in place and leaving enough room for a dense low end of drums and bass. This requires a high level of know how in sound programming and arrangement as well as in equalizer and effect automation. To be able to use Studiotemplates in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

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Products per page.Dance refers to various danceable musical styles and can contain electronic instruments, such as synthesizers and samplers, natural instruments and percussions.

It is often used as a generic term for various commercial genres. From the producers' perspective, a lot of knowledge is required for the production of Dance tracks.

Creative beat and synthesizer programming is crucial as well as precise mixing and a tight and commercial arrangement to excite the audience. Dance templates for Cubase provide producers an excellent starting point to achieve professional results.

cubase templates free

The projects are based on contemporary Dance tracks and enable both professional and newcomer producers to produce successful Dance tracks. Simply download a Dance project and start your professional journey into production.

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cubase templates free

I Like Cubase. Call Me For Love Cubase. Dirty Dollars Cubase. Wild And Blue Cubase. Blinding Synths Cubase. One Girl Cubase.Inspiration is easily sapped by the minutiae of setting up projects, tracks and plug-ins in your DAW. However, Cubase has a few tricks to ease this perennial problem and keep those juices flowing. I nspiration is fickle.

cubase templates free

When it does, it can be about as slippery as a greased eel, with even the slightest distraction liable to return the idea, ghostlike, to the ether from whence it came. Once upon a time, when that mystical fizzle of inspiration struck, you could just switch on a synth, bring its signal up on a desk, and then start to work out the idea almost immediately.

However, with a modern DAW, you have to boot your computer, load the software, create a project, create a track, choose an instrument, find a suitable patch or sample bank for that instrument, set up effects, and so on and so forth. The spontaneity is lost and the opportunities for distraction escalate with each step.

Thankfully, the clever folks over at Steinberg recognised this shortcoming with DAWs, and have packed Cubase with an effective set of tools with which to mitigate the problem. You also need to be aware that any changes to such source-media files will impact on any projects — past and future — that are based on that template.

While project templates are a quick and handy way to configure Cubase for a specific type of session, their usefulness only goes so far. This is where presets come in to play. Each of these folders contains a number of subfolders, one for each of the different types of preset that Cubase manages.

Track Presets define many of the settings for a track — like the name, channel configuration, inserts, pan position, and so on — and can be simply dragged from the Media Browser to your project, or applied to an existing track. Cubase comes with presets for audio, instrument, sampler and MIDI tracks. You can also create multi-track presets containing definitions for two or more individual tracks at once, perfect for creating drum recording or vocal double-tracking set-ups.

There are two types of preset for managing effects plug-ins. Taking the time to create templates and presets that suit the tasks and jobs you perform regularly, which are tailored to your hardware setup and preferred workflow, is a very worthwhile use of your studio downtime.

Give the track a suitable name, load a favoured sound bank into it, and assign a Drum Map to the track if you have one. Add another instrument track, this time using a preferred source of bass sounds.

Name the track and then load a generic bass patch into the instrument — choose something that will work for a wide range of ideas. Add a compressor and a de-esser to the vocal track, and make some rough initial tests.

Enter a name for the template, then click the Show Attribute Inspector button located at the bottom of the window. As well as providing effective search functions, the use of attribute-based filters makes locating a suitable sound or preset a doddle. Select a value for the Template Category. Close your project without saving it.

In the Project Assistant window, select the category that you gave to your template. Find your template and create a new project from it. The new project matches exactly with the template you created. Given the kit track uses a favoured drum-sound source, you may want to use it in other projects, so right click on its track and select Save Track Preset.

cubase templates free

In the window, make sure the Attribute Inspector is visible. Click OK. Enter a name and attributes and then click OK. Select your vocal track and open the Inserts section of its Track Inspector. Enter a name and attributes and click OK. You can create more presets from the other tracks and plug-ins. Once done, close the project and create a new, empty project. Open the right-hand project window zone and select its Media tab.Templates can be a good starting point for new projects. Templates are projects where you can save all settings that you regularly use, such as bus configurations, sample rates, record formats, basic track layouts, VSTi setups, drum map setups, etc.

The following template types are available from within the Hub :. Factory templates for specific scenarios. These are listed in the RecordingScoringProductionor Mastering categories. The default template.

This is listed in the More category. Any new user templates that you create and save. These are listed in the More category. Template projects are not saved in project folders and therefore contain no subfolders and no media files.

To open the location of a specific template, right-click a template in the template list and select Show in Explorer Windows only or Reveal in Finder macOS only. Cubase Pro Operation Manual. Template Files Templates can be a good starting point for new projects. The following template types are available from within the Hub : Factory templates for specific scenarios.View All Labels A-Z. Late Night Jazz Vol 3. Product Info. Late Night Jazz Vol 2.

Cyberpunk Serum. Euphoric Uplifting 2. Late Night Jazz Vol 1.

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Mello - Future Pop. Amazing Sylenth1. Classic Uplifting Template by ReOrder. Synthwave Collection. Synthwave Templates. Uplifting Trance Template. Add to Cart. Feel th This is a perfect way to learn Tran If you're looking for a boost of Studying this proj Or perhaps y It comes loaded up with the arrangement y Production Zero-G Instant download on all products.

Cyberpunk Serum Product Info. Euphoric Uplifting 2 Product Info. Mello - Future Pop Product Info. Amazing Sylenth1 Product Info. Synthwave Collection Product Info. Synthwave Templates Product Info. Uplifting Trance Template Product Info.

Trance Collection. Trance Expedition. Euphoric Uplifting. Future Trance Basslines Vol 2. Future Trance: Basslines Templates. Classic Uplifting Vol 2.