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Flickr Photos. Recent Comments.In summary, this was a very satisfying and useful course. Since we are manipulating tons of data at the customer level for more than 27 countries, R would be the perfect complement tool (we have been using SAS) for customer analytics. I am new on this R world but I would like to apply it on a daily basis soon. The knowledge I gained I could immediately leverage in my job.

I don't believe that I have ever taken a program that more directly impacted my profession as quickly as this program has. After this course, I have a high level understanding of the various advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used adaptive designs.

I will use this information to propose Adaptive Designs at my workplace. I learned that there are several ways to use bootstrap. The course is an excellent starting point for anyone working with this methodology. I intend to use bootstrap in spatial analysis. This is the best online course I have ever taken. Covers a lot of real-life problems. Good job, thank you very much!. In conjunction with the powerful 'Resampling add-in for Excel' software, resampling methodology seems to be a novel and versatile tool that I expect to frequently use as an adjunct to the more formal established methods of data analysis.

The tools and understanding gained in this course are absolutely vital to the practice of data analytics (at least to an acceptable standard). Thank you for a great course. I have learned an incredible amountI felt this course helped me "unwrap" another layer of R, It helped me become a little more comfortable, and less afraid of writing an R program. I found this course to be very helpful. It wasn't like other courses where you just run example code and change a few things here and there.

I learned a lot and have even applied what I've learned in this course to the other course I'm enrolled in currently. Thank you for the great notes and text. The course helped me learn Tableau and some of the effective Visualization techniques. I really liked the detailed assignments with hints and steps required to perform some of the tasks. The book for this course is very good.

Everything is explained in a really clear way. Films are great too and help in understanding issues. I very much enjoyed the Stats 1 and 2 classes, and I think your book and approach really are excellent. I have taken a variety of stats-type classes, including calculus-based probability, but the re-sampling gave me a much more intuitive understanding than any other approach.

I certainly feel that I got my money's worth from this course and this was almost entirely due to the prompt, thoughtful and expert comments of Brady and Andrzej. I liked the way this course is presented. In every assignment we needed to think logically to produce the required plots and that's what I liked.

Thanks for such a wonderful course. It was great to get a better sense of the Python language.Example: "This is a description of my new configuration" name optional The name you want to give to the new configuration.

Example: "my new configuration" tags optional A list of strings that help classify and index your configuration. This will be 201 upon successful creation of the configuration and 200 afterwards. For more information, see the Configurations above.

aks kos koon

This is the date and time in which the configuration was created with microsecond precision. True when the configuration has been created in the development mode. In a future version, you will be able to share configurations with other co-workers. A description of the status of the configuration. This is the date and time in which the configuration was updated with microsecond precision. If you decide you disagree, you can challenge a prediction and turn it into Long Bet.

The US unemployment rate, as determined by the BLS, be lower than 8 percent for the year 2035, unless the NBER determines that any quarter in 2035 was in a recession, in which case the reference year will be the 12 months prior to the beginning of the recession. The Echiquier Agressor fund, an actively managed European equities fund, will outperform the MSCI Europe Index over the next 10 years, net of all fees and expenses.

These assets will transition to quantimental investing, smart beta products, statistical arbitrage funds, long only concentrated funds, event driven funds, etc 3 years02017-02019 Anirudh Chowdhry 736. Emulating Achilles: a White Man Will Start World War By 02051 -OR- The Great White Man Theory of History 34 years02017-02051 Francis Hsu 734. The amount of geologically-derived crude oil consumed by the United States in 2035 will be greater than the amount consumed in 2015.

The rate of fatalities for seafarers will be ten times that for shore based occupations in 02021. Within 1 million years, humanity or its descendants will have colonised the galaxy. Gregory Stewart Cooper 718. By December 31 02029 one of the world's top ten car manufacturers in 02015 (Volkswagen, Toyota, Daimler, GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, BMW, SAIC) will stop manufacturing cars powered by internal combustion engines.

On the Record: Predictions Discuss these predictions with the predictors themselves. With Predictions, you can make informed product decisions without needing to build an in-house data science team. Predictions creates user groups that can be used for targeting with notifications from the Firebase console.


This helps you engage users before they churn, reward users who are likely to make in-app purchase, and much more. In addition to the default predictionswill churn, will spend, and will not spendyou can create custom predictions based on conversion events in your app. Every prediction can be toggled between low, medium, and high risk tolerance.

Higher risk tolerance means that while the user group will be larger, the probability that some of them will be false positives is also greater. Halfbrick Studios is a game development studio based in Brisbane, Australia. Visit our support page. If omitted, the fitted values are used. The default is to predict NA. This can be a numeric vector or a one-sided model formula. In the latter case, it is interpreted as an expression evaluated in newdata.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

If the logical se. If the numeric argument scale is set (with optional df), it is used as the residual standard deviation in the computation of the standard errors, otherwise this is extracted from the model fit.

Terraform with Azure Kubernetes Service

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aks kos koon

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aks kos koon

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